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LED High Bay protection class

Before purchasing LED high bay light, please understand the technical parameters of LED high bay light. What does LED high bay light protection standard IP65 mean? The code for the enclosure protection class is usually composed of the characteristic letter IP and two characteristic numbers. The first figure refers to the following: prevent the human […]

How to improve the lifetime of LED high bay light?

If we want to buy something as a buyer for longer, then how can we increase the lifetime of LED high bay lighting? First, we must strictly control the quality of LED high bay packaging materials, such as conductive adhesives, silicones, and phosphors. , Epoxy, solid crystal materials, pedestals, etc. Secondly, the rational design of […]

TUBU LED high bay light

LED high bay lighting is an important part of the city’s industrial lighting, the traditional high bay lights using 250W, 400W metal halide lamps, 360-degree metal halide lamp light, the loss of large light caused a huge waste of energy. Therefore, the development of new high-efficiency, energy saving, long life, high color rendering index, environmental […]

What is lighting ergonomics?

The study of lighting ergonomics abroad has a relatively long history. The conclusion shows that the human eye’s perception and sensitivity of LED light effects are subtly different from traditional light sources. If you do not understand this difference, you may not be able to use the LED to bring us comfortable lighting. For example, […]

Don’t indulge in empty shouting”People-oriented design”, Melanopsin illumination (EML) to understand?

Don’t indulge in empty shouting”People-oriented design”, Melanopsin illumination (EML) to understand? We have all learned basic knowledge about light color: low color temperature makes people feel comfortable and warm, and high color temperature makes people sober and excited. ▲ photos from gel-usa.com Obviously, designers will use a higher color temperature in the office and a […]

Several common advantages and disadvantages of anti-glare led high bay

Want to be seen without seeing fixture,LED high bay anti-glare is essential. Glare can be divided into direct glare and indirect glare. Direct glare: Refers to the darting effect produced when the human eye directly touches a high-brightness light source. Reflected glare: refers to the irritating glare caused by the reflection of light entering the […]

T5 T8 T10 High Bay Low Bay replacements

Why do you need to replace your traditional t5 t8 t10 high bay low bay by LED fixtures? The traditional fixtures have problems such as low energy efficiency, short life span, high maintenance costs, and environmental pollution issues. Led high bay fixtures are 80% more energy efficient than traditional highbays, have a service life of […]