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How to develop high-value and practical LED linear light?

In addition to considering the value of the LED linear light fixture,the development of the the LED linear light also considers the optical technical requirements of the product, the stability of the product, and the intelligence.   The basis of light is the “core”: the chip LED determines the quality of the light output of […]

The EU banned the sale of non-directional household tungsten halogen lamps from September 1

From September 1st, 2018, the sixth phase of the (EC) 244/2009 requirements of the European Union’s ErP Directive (Energy-related Products, the eco-design requirements for energy-related products) will be effective. Certain types of low-efficiency non-directional household tungsten halogen lamps are no longer available in the EU market.     This means that from September 1st, tungsten […]

LED linear high bay is the trend of industrial lighting

Let’s talk about the trends and trends of industrial lighting. Everyone knows that ten years ago, most of our market products were large barrels of metal halide lamps, top square or round metal boxes, and better industrial lighting die-cast aluminum fin-type electrical boxes. works. The large 18-inch spinning aluminum reflector is hung below. The initial […]

LED grow light manufacturer must know the knowledge

Various plants survive in a unique geographical environment, including sunlight, temperature, altitude and soil. They have formed a unique flowering and breeding response strategy in the evolution of the natural environment of hundreds of millions of years, which is to limit the flowering season to a suitable The period to ensure that the offspring can […]

How to design the heat dissipation of 347v-480v LED high bay

LEDs are sensitive to temperature and performance is greatly affected by ambient temperature. Mainly in the following three aspects: 1. Excessive junction temperature can cause LED performance degradation, especially life, light color and lumen output. If the rated maximum junction temperature is exceeded, the LED’s lifetime will drop by 30% to 50% for every 10 […]

Anti glare LED high bay UGR less than 19 or 22 is important

LED high bay was originally designed to ensure the normal production of factories and mines, and is now widely used in sports lighting. With the development of high-power white light emitting diode (LED) chips, and their advantages of high luminous efficiency, long life, etc., they gradually replaced traditional light sources as the main force of […]

100W 18000 lumen LED high bay

Yes, you read it right, that is 100W 18000 lumen for the whole light. TUBU will release a new product today. Well, nonsense did not say directly on the map.   Why TUBU’S LED high bay can reach 180lm per watt. Because our lens, lamp structure and LEDs are professionally designed, the efficiency is very […]

The advantages of occupancy sensor LED high bay lights

Are you looking for ways to reduce energy costs? Energy is an important expense in most industrial sites, and inefficient lighting systems are the main culprit. Lighting consumes up to 70% or more of energy in some applications. It is easy to see here that the overall operating costs have a significant impact. 1. Upgrade […]