Welcome to TUBU

SHENZHEN TUBU TECH CO., LTD is a well-diversified ISO9001 standard manufacturer of DLC listed Clean LED Linear High Bay, Low UGR High Bay, high UFO High Bay and LED Linear Low Bay. Our products are designed for residential, commercial, outdoor and other infrastructure lighting. Our vision is to be recognized as the industry-leading manufacturer of Energy Efficient Lighting products. In the future, we will devote to provide professional customized service to satisfy customers’ various requirements with more modest learning attitude.

Lighting Industry Park

TUBU testing room for IES file

TUBU Testing Room – testing for every single order

Products requiring dielectric voltage withstand test and grounding continuity test

TUBU 3D printing for new product development

Our Values

We believe that a single idea can change the world.

Corporate Vision
Light up a happy life! To be recognized as the industry-leading manufacturer of Energy Efficient Lighting products.

Corporate Mission
• The growth of employees is the foundation of the company.
• Creating values for customers is the source of sustainable development of TUBU.
• Pursue excellence,lead the industry, and build a world-renowned brand.
• Contribute to the creation of a green and environmental world.

Seven Star Values
• High Aims with feet on the ground
• Altruism and mindfulness
• Tolerance and respect
• Honesty and practicability
• Positivity and integrity
• Responsibility and trust
• High efficiency and progress
• Gratitude and sharing

Business Management
Everybody should try to achieve a balance between personal and professional life. Respect your team members without losing the competitive edge.

Be Happy
Happiness is more than an emotion but a state of mind. One should work happily, live happily, and achieve maximal value in both career and life.


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