LED High Bay / Low Bay Light

For LED high bay and low bay light, we have DLC high clean led high bay, DLC 140~150lm/W LED High Bay, Glare Free LED High Bay, UFO LED High Bay, Linear LED High Bay,Anti glare,high ambient temperature LED High Bay,DLC listings LED low bay for your choice.

warehouse application of led high bay fixtures

DLC High Clean LED High Bay G4

In food processing,farm,cold storage,pharmaceutical industry and other industrial applications,wireless light control high bay and low bay led light fittings required to be easy to clean.TUBU’s app controlled and DLC,UL1598 approved LED industrial lighting the back side is smooth,the housing is vapor tight,it can be clean by water gun.

Linear LED High Bay G3

NEW warehouse Linear LED High bay G3 is designed to replace traditional HID and HIF in a variety of applications, especially suited for warehouses. Adopt the most advanced LM80 / TM21 certified Nichia chips and UL listed Meanwell LED driver. TUBU uses innovative optics and thermally efficient design, that enables the fittings to exceed 130lm/W. Combined with dimmable versions, 1-10V, DALI system and sensors, zigbee intelligent control,TUBU’s new linear LED high bay will help you save up to 80% in energy savings. It is available in 80W, 120W, 150W, 180W and more options suitable for installation up to 16m or higher.

Glare Free LED High Bay

TUBU’s All New Glare-free LED Linear High bay/Low bay fixture. It’s designed to distribute the light evenly across the floor glare-free in order to reduce stress on worker’s eyes while maintaining a pleasant luminance in accordance with IEC62471. It can replace existing HID & HPS fi xtures up to 500W, high lumen 130lm/W and high CRI.These lights offer a long lifetime and excellent lumen maintenance to minimise the maintenance costs.

High Ambient Temperature LED High Bay

TUBU’s high temperature areas LED High Bay lighitng widely use in steel factory,hardware factory etc..Ambient temperature -40 ~ 65℃.

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