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How LED industrial lighting develops in industrial 4.0 era?

Introduction: Lighting is an indispensable part of the realization of a smart factory. So, we can’t help but ask, what is the development of industrial lighting today? Will it change in response to changes in the times? There are no workers in the automated factory’s workshop, the machines are running automatically… It looks like this […]

indoor warehouse lighting

How to choose the most suitable LED lighting for warehouse?

workshop lighting, warehouse lighting, office lighting, factory lighting, equipment lighting, and other ancillary lighting. How to choose the most suitable LED lighting for industrial warehouse?It must be LED linear high bay light. In the design of warehouse lighting, according to the visual requirements, warehouse operations and environmental conditions, through the choice and configuration of LED […]

built-in motion sensor led high bay

Use microwave sensor lighting should pay attention to matters

Microwave sensors LED Lighting are more and more widely used in underground parking lots, stairways and office spaces due to their high sensitivity and installation concealment. Under normal circumstances, the human body microwave induction lamp, the drive circuit actively emits microwave signals with a frequency of 5.8 GHz. When the outside world has a moving […]

cct adjustable led panel

How much do you know about the quality of the LED panel light?

With the replacement of traditional grid lights by led panel lights, the quality and appearance of led panel lights have received unprecedented attention. However, the price of led panel lights on the market is not the same, as low as several US dollars, and prices as high as 20-30 US dollars. What is the reason […]

built-in motion sensor led high bay

Analysis of Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting design includes indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, stations, field lighting, underground lighting, road lighting, security lighting, obstacle lighting and so on. The factory is a place for production of established products, generally consisting of factory buildings, offices and other ancillary rooms, various types of outdoor devices, stations, fields, and roads. (1) Indoor lighting: internal […]

the advantages and disadvantages of round high bay and linear high bay

Contrast LED Linear High Bay and UFO LED High Bay

TUBU’S LED Linear High Bay VS Round High Bay Ambient temperature is 30°C, the case temperature is up to 53.1°C. Ambient temperature is 30°C, the case temperature is up to 73°C. From the above test results, we can get a conclusion that the light attenuation of linear high bay is smaller than that high bay […]

led sunlight fixtures spectrum

Is Ra=100 really the best color rendering?

Color is one of the feelings of people. It is always related to the individual subjective experience of the observer. The feeling that everyone sees a color is difficult for others to know. So the study of color is always full of mysterious imagination. At the same time, colors have made the world colorful, and […]

Lens and reflectors

Secret Reflector and Lens

What is a reflector and what is a lens? This problem has puzzled me a long time ago. I believe many people, like I used to, think that the reflector and the lens are actually very similar, but they are not the same in structure, and they are still the same when using.So there are […]