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tri proof led application for parking lot

Comparison of plastic tri proof led and aluminum plastic tri proof led

The common tri proof LED lights on the market are full plastic tri proof LED, aluminum plastic tri proof LED. The quality of the tri proof LED on the market is uneven, how do we pick a good tri proof LED? First of all, let’s find out what are the characteristics of all plastic tri […]

non corrosive led light fittings

What is tri proof LED?

Tri-proof LED means: waterproof, dust proof, anti-corrosion these three defenses. Use special anti-oxidation anti-corrosion materials and silicone seals to achieve the protection requirements of the lamps. This light carries on the anti corrosion, waterproof, anti-oxidation treatment to the circuit control board, to the electrical box seals the heat-dissipating ability to be weak, the intellectual temperature control […]

led industrial lighting solution

3 reasons why LED industrial lighting fixtures are suitable for the oil and gas industry

Although the general public has different views on the profitability of the oil and gas industry, many companies in the industry actually have very thin operating profits. Like other industries, oil and gas production companies also need to control and reduce costs to maintain cash flow and profits. Therefore, more and more companies are adopting […]

indoor warehouse lighting

What is the price of LED High Bay?

Many industrial lighting customers and friends are very concerned about the issue of LED linear high bay prices. Many customer inquiries will ask what is the price of led high bay or low bay light. Where is it suitable for use? How long can you use it? ? Every time after answering the customer’s question, […]


What is high bay light fixture?

Industrial High Bay Lighting fixture, it is to point to factories, mines, warehouse, production areas of high tent use the lamps and lanterns of the floorboard of the class, in addition to the outside environment usually use all kinds of lighting, explosion-proof fixture used in the special environment and anti-corrosion lamp. According to the function […]

Is the Switch to LED Light Outdoors Responsible for ruining our view of the night sky?

“While we know that LEDs save energy in specific projects — for example when a city transitions all of its street lighting from sodium lamps to LED — when we look at our data and we look at the national and the global level, it indicates that these savings are being offset by either new […]

Lighting Industry Calls For Steps to Curb Spurious LED Bulbs

The lighting industry has called for stronger regulatory enforcement to ensure that LED bulbs sold in the market comply with safety standards mandated for these products by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and the ministry of electronics and information technology (MeitY). A study conducted by Nielsen across New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad has […]

Fifteen Industry-led Projects Awarded AU 33 Million Dollars

Fifteen diverse industry-led projects are receiving a AU$33 million investment from the Australian Government, under the fourth round of the Cooperative Research Centres – Projects (CRC-P) Program. There will be an additional AU$98 million in cash and in-kind contributions from 97 project partners. Eight of the fifteen projects would be supported by an additional AU$20 million allocated to the CRC-P […]

China LED Market Forecast to Hit 24 Billion Dollars by 2024

By 2024, China’s LED lighting market is forecasted to reach $24 Billion. With the growth of China’s economy, demand for energy efficient LED lighting is also rising. China’s lighting industry has experienced growth and the country has become a leading world lighting consumer and producer for the last 20 years. The mounting consumer demand for […]