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100W 18000 lumen LED high bay

Yes, you read it right, that is 100W 18000 lumen for the whole light. TUBU will release a new product today. Well, nonsense did not say directly on the map.   Why TUBU’S LED high bay can reach 180lm per watt. Because our lens, lamp structure and LEDs are professionally designed, the efficiency is very […]

The advantages of occupancy sensor LED high bay lights

Are you looking for ways to reduce energy costs? Energy is an important expense in most industrial sites, and inefficient lighting systems are the main culprit. Lighting consumes up to 70% or more of energy in some applications. It is easy to see here that the overall operating costs have a significant impact. 1. Upgrade […]

High bay emergency lighting Usage Notice

Carefully read the contents of the wiring specification of the LED high bay emergency lighting,and strictly follow the wiring diagram. Non-professionals must not install it.   1, according to the internal space of the customer’s lighting can be done in the form of body, the emergency power supply is installed in the lamp bracket or […]

How to replace 400w metal halide high bay by 100W LED?

It’s so easy to replace 400W metal halide high bay by 100W LED. First we look at the parameters of the two lamps.   Luminous flux (Luminaire): 17359lm Beam angle:90°   Beam angle:90° Luminous flux (Luminaire): 19540 lm Luminous flux (Lamps): 32000 lm Luminaire Wattage: 372.0 W Next we use Dialux to do a simulation […]

Why 350 watt is HID 1000w high bay LED replacement?

Let’s take a look at the features of the metal halide high bay and 350 watt LED linear high bay. Color temperature: 4500K Lumens: 1000 watts, 80,000 lumens (Philips) Light efficiency: Because the metal halide light is usually 360 degrees light, there is a lot of light blocked in the vertical installation, so the overall […]

What is LED high bay lm80 report?

LED high bay lm80 lamps have the advantages of high efficiency and long life compared with traditional lighting. At present, various LED factories actively import products into the LED lighting market, and consumers’ acceptance after actual use is getting higher and higher. At present, more and more US customers require factories to provide LED high […]

Passive cooling of LED Linear high bay light

LEDs provide exciting design opportunities, and everything about this is often blocked by such words: thermal management. “When incandescent light bulbs can consume heat through radiation, LED linear high bay light produces almost no infrared heat,” said Michael Gershowitz, director of technical marketing at Prairie. Therefore, the LED must dissipate heat through thermal conduction, otherwise […]