5ft LED Tri-proof light fittings 50W

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Tech Specs

Tech Specs
Model No                         TBTE2F-20W                      TBTE4F-30W                  TBTE4F-40W                   TBTE5F-50W
Input Power                         20W                                       30W                                40W                                   50W
Dimension                     662*86*90mm                  1172*86*90mm            1172*86*90mm               1566*86*90mm
CCT                                 3000-6000K                         3000-6000K                      3000-6000K                     3000-6000K
CRI                                       >80                                          >80                                   >80                                   >80
Power Factory                    >0.9                                         >0.9                                  >0.9                                  >0.9
IP Grade                              IP66                                         IP66                                 IP66                                   IP66
Input Voltage                 200-240V                                200-240V                        200-240V                          200-240V
Luminous                    1800~2400lm                         2700~3600lm                3600~4800lm                  3600~4800lm
Beam Angle                       120˚                                        180˚                                    180˚                                  180˚
Working Temp               -20˚-50˚                                 -20˚-50˚                              -20˚-50˚                             -20˚-50˚
Warranty                         5 Years                                  5 Years                               5 Years                              5 Years
Lifespan                           50000H                                 50000H                             50000H                             50000H
More Details
  •  High Output LED’s,up to 90~120m/W,LM80 certified light source
  •  High CRI >80
  • UL,FCC,TUV,RCM,CB,CE certified driver,High PF>0.96 low THD driver
  • Flicker free(different brand optional)
  •  Environmentally friendly, no mercury, No UV, No IR
  • Linkable(Customize cable length)Optional
  • IP66 waterproof,dust,corrosion and pressure-proof; for indoor&outdoor using
  • Energy Efficiency Grade: A+
  • Quick Start instant 100% luminous flux
  • 5 Year Warranty on complete fixture. (LED’s, Driver, & Housing)
  • Certificate: CE,RoHs
  • Optional: 1-10V Dimming,MW Sensor, 3h Emergency Battery Backup

  Cold Storage: Food Distribution Centers, Grocery Storage, Commercial Wineries, Restaurant Storage, Brewery Facilities
•  Food Processing: Meat Packing, Bottling Centers, Cheese Factories, Produce Centers, Fish Packing, Bakeries
•  Warehouse & Logistics
•  Parking Garages And More


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