Lightmyleaf 240W Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light

240 Watt Quantum board full specturm LED Grow Lights are some of the most popular lights for hobby growers, because they bring you the power you need without using a ton of energy. Lightmyleaf 240 Watt Quantum board Full Specturm LED Grow Lights will cover a vegging area of 3′ x 4′, and a flower area of 3′ x 3′

1. LOWER COSTS & HIGHER-QUALITY YIELDS—Using the Newest high-yield LED technology-2835 diodes. So TBGL-240 LED Grow Lights achieves a high energy efficiency of (LED)2.8 umol/s/W and improves the light transmittance.

2. FULL-SPECTRUM LIGHTING—The Full Spectrum led grow lamp can provide everything the plants need under natural light at all stages.

3. LONG LIFESPAN & HIGH RELIABILITY— Using high-quality LED chips and LIGHTMYLEAF brand reliable drivers, makes the lifespan of the lamp up to 100,000hours.

4. FUNCTIONAL DESIGN—Growing Light Fixtures installed a dimmable LED driver on the back, 20-100% dimmable function makes it be able to take care of each growth stage of different plants more scientifically.


Tech specs

Model Number                                                                       TBGL-240
Power                                                                                          240W
Input Voltage                                                                       100-277VAC
PF                                                                                       >0.90/120VAC
Dimming(Optional)                                                          20%~100%
CRI                                                                                               >80
PPF                                                                                         670 umol/s
Eff(PPF)                                                                     2.8 umol/s/W (umol/J)
Spectrum                                                                              Full spectrum
Operation Temp & Humidity                 -20~45°C, 20~95% RH No condensation
Storage Temp & Humidity                     -20~85°C, 10~95% RH No condensation
Product L * W * H (mm)                                                   597 *300cm
NW (kg)                                                                                     3.2kg
GW (kg)                                                                                      3.8kg


  • High-efficiency full spectrum LED grow light.
  • Added deep Red, and IR.
  • Save 50% on electricity costs when compared to HPS.
  • Waterproof – ip65, safer for indoor growing.
  • Dimmable Lightlmyeaf brand driver, With 20%~100% Easy Dimming knob to turn on/off the lights.
  • Long lifespan up to L70>54,000 Hours according to the calculation of the LEDs LM80 testing report
  • Made by 6063 Aluminium profile, makes the perfect heatsink.
  • Less energy consumption with self-owned Lighmyleaf brand driver
  • Two adjustable hanging kits are included.
  • Dimmable power supply included.
  • Customized bulk orders on request.


• Indoor growing house

240W Full Spectrum IP65 Quantum Board LED Panel Grow light

Newest LED Technology provides highest light output, efficiency up to 2.8μmol/s

High PPFD Value and High Efficiency, Powered by high quality LEDs enables you to increase the output by 30% compared to the old lights

Made by 6063 Aluminium profile, pefect heatsink

Noise free without fans, aluminium driver housing, makes the temperature cooling down, and ensure a long lifespan.

Easy to adjust the light intensity by 20%~100% Dimming Knob, pefect for all stages of growing

Full Spectrum, Perfect for all growing stages

High PPF Up to 1538μmol/m2/s, Uniform Output

Growing Tips for hanging distance and lighting time

Linkable with plug and play quick installation AC power cord

IP65 Waterproof safer for indoor growing

It comes with flexible adjustable hanging ropes for different height of growing

Beautiful Giftbox with all the accessories included

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