What is tri proof LED?

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Tri proof LED

Tri-proof LED means: waterproof, dust proof, anti-corrosion these three defenses. Use special anti-oxidation anti-corrosion materials and silicone seals to achieve the protection requirements of the lamps. This light carries on the anti corrosion, waterproof, anti-oxidation treatment to the circuit control board, to the electrical box seals the heat-dissipating ability to be weak, the intellectual temperature control Tri proof LED special-purpose working circuit, has reduced the power frequency converter operating temperature, to the strong electric isolation protection road, The double insulation treatment of the connector ensures the safety and reliability of the circuit. According to the actual working environment of the tri proof LED, the surface of the protective box of the lamp is sprayed with moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment on the surface to prevent dust and moisture from entering.

Product Category

Anti-glare Tri Proof LED

Anti-glare Tri proof LED meets the needs of flood lighting in railway, power, metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical and various factory areas, workshops, stations and large facilities, venues, etc., anti-glare Tri Floodlight, no glare, no ghosting, shockproof Corrosion resistance, energy saving, safe and reliable.

Performance characteristics

1. Anti-glare function: The transparent parts adopt advanced lighting optical principle optimization design, with uniform and soft light, no glare, and no ghosting, which effectively prevents construction workers from producing discomfort and fatigue.
2. Energy saving of light effect: The selected gas discharge light source has high luminous efficiency, long service life, life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours, power factor greater than 0.97, high luminous efficiency, and good light transmission.
3. Anti-seismic function: Multi-channel shockproof structure and integrated design ensure long-term safe operation in high-frequency, multi-frequency vibration environment.
4. Applicable environment: The high-strength alloy shell is used for special surface spraying and sealing treatment, which can be used for a long time under high temperature and humidity and various corrosive and harsh environments.
5, installation methods: seat type, ceiling type and ceiling type and other installation methods, to adapt to different job site lighting needs. Electronic and mechanical dual protection, automatically cut off the power after opening, increase the use of security and stability, reliability.

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